The Mastamynd Method

Simple to Use 

Mastamynd believes anything his clients use should be very easy to use . 

Safe and Secure

We want to ensure anything our clients use is safe and secure .

Save Money 

Our ultimate goal is to see our clients succeed and also save money 

Who is Mastamynd?


Another Mastamynd Hit LLC was created and founded by Anthony D Riley a disabled American with a Traumatic Brain Injury . He was brutally assaulted on his 15th birthday . Even with his brain injury Anthony has always wanted to help people and he knew he could not do that without starting his own business. Another Mastamynd Hit is Anthony's Signature phrase on all his content and he has created a brand and a following around himself and the content and services he provides . Anthony has always had a gift with technology which has earned him the nickname of Mastamynd . 


Anthony's vision to allow clients to shop custom affordable retail products and services.


We use the most affordable and user friendly software to make our clients tasks and projects much easier to manage . This will allow the client to save money and simply how their projects.



Anthony D Riley Ceo and Founder

Tel: (614) 622-7859

Fax: (614)583-9546

P.O. Box 674

Brice Ohio 43109


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